Assalaamu Alaikum

We apologize our website is currently under construction.

While the website is being built, key information is being provided as follows:


205 Route 35 North

Cliffwood Beach, NJ 07735

Phone: 732-583-2030

For direction please call 732-583-2030 – Option 5

MASJID: (For information Please call 732-583-2030 – Option 1)

Masjid is open for salah daily from Fajr to Esha

Friday Salah Timings

1st Jamat



12:15 PM


12:45 PM

Arabic Khutba

12:55 PM

Iqamah & Salah

1:00 PM


2nd Jamat



1:15 PM

Arabic Khutba

1:40 PM

Iqamah & Salah

1:45 PM


ICOB Academy (For information please call 732-583-2031)

ICOB Al-Quran Academy (For information Please call 732-583-2030 – Option 1)

o   Basic Quran reading

o   Tajweed

o   Hifz

ICOB Sunday Islamic School (For information please call Br. Inaam Elahi at 646-623-1347)

o   Arabic reading and writing

o   Memorization of Suras

o   Islamic Studies