ICOB Academy

ICOB Academy is a full-time Islamic elementary school supporting students from Pre-K 3 through grade 4. It is conveniently located at 205 Rt 35 North, Cliffwood Beach, NJ in Old Bridge Township.

The 6,000 square feet school building has been designed specifically for pre-school and elementary use. A large 5,000 square feet Prayer Hall is also located on premises where children perform their Salah and become familiar and comfortable with the Masjid setting at an early age.

We aim to provide a well-balanced instructional program that will enable all children to reach their highest level of academic success while promoting Islamic values and fostering a strong self-identity of being a Muslim.


Our mission is to develop an enriched learning community that employs an educational design that combines the highest standards of academic excellence, and leadership, while fostering Islamic values.

Our vision is to create a learning community that takes a holistic Islamic approach to education where we produce leaders who have strong intellectual, social, and spiritual values that help make our community a solid and integral part of society.


(732) 583-2031


ICOB Academy Open House 2023-2024!

Join us for ICOB Academy’s back-to-school open house event on Saturday, August 19 to learn more about our school, tour the building, meet our staff, and more!


ICOB Academy is accepting students in PreK-3, PreK-4, KG, and Grades 1 through 4 for the 2023-2024 school year! Click here to fill out the initial registration form or contact…